Tree surgery terminology

Tree surgery terminology

Glasgow Tree Surgeons takes the time to explain your options clearly and outline the best action to take for your trees.

Crown reduction

This is lopping the tree to reduce it in height and width, leaving it looking well-balanced and uniform. The degree of reduction is usually between 20% and 50%. However, we will make a decision as to your requirements and those of the tree upon estimating. This course of action reduces the sail factor within the tree greatly minimising the risk of wind blow.
Crown reduction
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crown thinning

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of selected branches, crossing limbs, damaged branches and dead wood. It does not affect the overall size of the tree but reduces the density within the crown and it can be used to improve light quality and aesthetic appearance.

The correct pruning of trees even when young can reduce the need for more extensive work in later years and it also helps to avoid other defects.

Crown lifting and raising the canopy

Crown lifting is a course of action used to improve light quality directly under the tree by removing lower limbs and growth up to an agreed height. 

Raising the canopy is lopping the lower branchlets to create a uniform height above the ground, largely for aesthetic reasons but often used to ensure minimum clearance above footpaths or carriageways. 

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crown lifting
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