Stump removal

Stump removal by the experts in Glasgow

The grinding out of tree stumps into fine chips removes the huge expense of digging, moving and finally landfilling. Glasgow Tree Surgeons offers a range of price options; a discount can be given if you wish to keep the wood or tidy up the site.

Stump removal

Have you recently had a tree removed and have a stump left on your lawn? Stump grinding is a major element of our business. We use a range of sizes and styles of machines ranging from 9hp pedestrian models (for smaller stumps in restricted areas) to 100hp tracked units (to maximise the speed and efficiency and the depth and height that they can reach). Our larger machines will grind out a 2m wide stump in approximately 1 hour.
Stump removal
Get an efficient and affordable stump removal service across Central Scotland from Glasgow Tree Surgeons.
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Advantages of stump removal

  • Prevents the spread of detrimental fungi that would otherwise thrive in the decaying stump and create an environment for the fruiting bodies to spread to adjacent healthy trees. It does away with the need for herbicide treatment, which may be harmful to the environment.
  • Stops unsightly regrowth that would require ongoing attention. 
  • Improves the aesthetics of a lawn whilst alleviating the risk of damaging expensive mowers on surface roots.
  • Creates a clean canvas in a garden, broadening the scope for hard or soft landscaping.
  • Prevents future problems from subsidence or damage to drains and foundations as the roots search for moisture and continue to grow. 

Efficient stump grinding service

We tailor our services to meet your requirements. We have the right machinery for the task in hand.

Grinding - carried out using a purpose-built stump cutter that will remove the residual stump well below the ground surface. Most commonly used in residential settings.

Extraction – using a mini digger or wheeled JCB to mechanically dig out the stump. Mainly used on large windblown stumps or where an area is going to be built on directly.

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Efficient stump grinding service
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